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Autumn colours

28th October 2021

Autumn is so generous this year. The thick carpets of leaves remind me of younger days – skipping and kicking through, enjoying the crackling and crunchy sound they made underfoot. Normally the leaf blowers would be out in full force filling the air with dust and noise but since lockdown last year they haven’t been around. Silence reigned again today and it was blissful to stroll through nature’s tapestry of golds, red and yellows set against the clear blue of the sky.

The abundance of colours on one hanging tree alone transformed a pretty little man-made lake into a sophisticated autumnal palette.

Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

In contrast, a little further along was a grassy bank filled with Mullein (Verbascum thapsus). The intense yellow bloom against the sea of lush green grass is really beautiful but almost springtime in colour. I have seen this plant in several locations this year yet don’t recall having noticed it in the past. It seems to last from summer through to autumn.

Back home and the garden is lit up with the glowing leaves of the Cotinus. Magical.


It’s a wonderful time of year.

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