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PrairIe Creek Redwoods – California

9 April 2017

We didn’t know quite what to expect when we set out to visit the Prairie Creek Redwoods state park in California but we knew it would be spectacular. We hadn’t, however, quite expected to be informed on how to behave when faced with a bear or a mountain lion. The notice at the start of the trek did just that …and more. Suggestion to wear white so that we could easily see the possibly lime disease carrying ticks was perhaps a little bit too late for us as we were not wearing our wedding attire or bee keeping suits – but we did tuck our trousers into our boots.

Instilled with a heady sense of doom and excitement – off we trotted.

Jurasic park springs immediately to mind. Words just can’t express the feelings ….the tall, tall very tall trees were so incredibly tall, and slim and majestic. I felt myself whispering throughout the walk as we passed some of the most beautiful and eery sights. I now understand the word ‘awesome’ . It was jaw dropping.

In addition to the magnificent trees, there were orchids, funghi, ferns, lichen …. there were trees that were so wide that the trunks had arches and tunnels – there were even caves within some of them. Others were covered in moss so bright it almost looked radioactive. Some trees were exquisitely deformed through lack of sunlight that they were like houses for goblins – the effect was very surreal and looked like something out of a fairy tale or film set – but it was pure unadulterated nature.

As I said…words will never do it justice so hopefully you’ll get the picture …from the pictures.

Thankfully, seven hours later we hadn’t met any bears or mountain lions but, as we emerged back into daylight we did come across a pack of elks which were curious, but very well behaved and beautiful to see.

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