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Invasive SPECIES …?

Indumentum oris sordidus H.

Another beautiful walk and the wild flowers and greenery work their soothing magic until ….. It is very rare to see so many large blue blooms at this time of year. Large, blousy and really lacking in definition – these are quite creepy and I don’t mean in terms of creeping roots or shoots. The petals seem fused as in one baggy corolla – not elegant as in a lily. But something unusual is definitely blooming. Yes I’m talking about this disgusting infestation of discarded masks – really. blooming. disgusting. Abandoned, dropped or lost along the riverside, on pathways, in borders, grassland and woodlands. Children, birds, animals.. I dread to think of who suffers from the hazards caused by these. I can understand one or two fall out of pockets but does nobody notice?

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