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Insect eggs identification

The Golden Egg mystery.

I was quite amazed at the sight of a batch (clutch?) of eggs on the back of a rose leaf a couple of weeks ago. They were really beautiful – golden, tiny and laid very neatly on the underside. I took a photo to identify them later but meanwhile destroyed the leaf as I couldn’t risk an infestation on my roses.

I thought I had finally identified them as Ladybirds’ eggs and I was gutted at having destroyed them. I didn’t think they could be anything other than the eggs of some destructive monster – and felt they had to go …and haven’t seen a red ladybird in the garden since then …

Golden egg on rose leaf

The other day I was deadheading the same pampered rosebush and saw with horror that I had removed two leaves – each with one little golden egg. I promptly propped them back on the bush in the hope that they will remain there long enough for the eggs to hatch.

Hunting through my photos for the leaf of plenty, which I had lost but have since found, I came across one similar – taken in 2011. Not quite as aesthetically laid out, but equally amazing. I have absolutely no recollection of taking it so I obviously hadn’t even tried to identify the eggs.

More Ladybird eggs? Hmm not so sure now

I no longer think they are ladybirds’ eggs though. Having trawled through sites and books I now tentatively suggest that they were laid by a member of the Coreidae family (?). I am being much more careful now and respecting offspring of all (well most) beetles and insects until I know what I am dealing with.

Meanwhile, I hope that one day the lovely ladybirds will venture again into my garden where I will welcome them on open leaves.

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